Teaching Philosophy Old

Colorful Music Tree 2My vision of an ideal piano instruction is intimately shaped by the phenomenal musical exposure and training I was blessed with throughout my impressionable years.  I believe that learning should be rewarding, productive, and pleasurable.  For beginners and early-elementary students I focus on building a solid foundation.  As students become more advanced and more self-assured in their knowledge and skills, I guide them through an ongoing process of searching for their unique “piano voice” and finding their own particular interests and strengths.  I passionately believe that everyone is naturally and profoundly musical and yearns for a life enriched with the beauty of music.  My deepest reward comes from unlocking that special gift and nurturing it to grow, blossom and thrive.

My studio is dynamic and engaged, encouraging and supportive.  I tailor my teaching style to fit each student’s unique personality and strengths, so that they can learn with natural ease and confidence.  I strive to create for every lesson a lively, nurturing, and positive environment where my students can enjoy an immensely fulfilling learning experience.  We play, sing, and laugh!

Music is, intrinsically, a performing art, a poetic mode of expression and communication.  Thus I firmly believe that all pianists, including professionals, enthusiasts, and novices, not only benefit and grow from the experience of public performances but also deserve such opportunities to play for others and be listened to.  I challenge and encourage all my students to participate in semi-annual studio recitals and make the preparation an integral aspect of my teaching.  I am enormously gratified to see my students invariably reap the fruits of their labor, rewarded with a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction following each single performance.