Lesson Structure

Frequency and Length.  Lessons are held once a week.  The appropriate lesson duration is determined by the age and level of the student. pianist-294219_640I recommend 45-minute lessons for beginners and 60-minute lessons for more advanced students.  A shorter lesson length of 30 minutes may be suitable for young beginners.  I make the appropriate recommendation based on my evaluation of the student’s background and general learning capacity during the complementary assessment session.  Schedules and studio policies will also be discussed during this initial visit at the studio.

Tuition and payment.  Options and packages that are offered will be discussed during the initial assessment session at the studio.  (If you would like more information ahead of time, please contact the studio.)

All-Around Curriculum.  I adopt a curriculum that encompasses not only piano techniques and repertoire but also various fundamental musical skills, to ensure my students develop well-rounded basic musicianship as well as pianistic prowess.  In addition to technical studies and piano literature from four distinct stylistic periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary), I cover all essential music skills, which includes reading proficiency, ear training, sight reading, and music theory.

Lesson Plans and Tangible Goals.  I create short-term lesson plans that present the multi-faceted curriculum in a coherent manner, so that students receive comprehensive music instruction at every step of the learning process.  Furthermore, I outline intermediate- and long-term goals for each student, so as to maintain a clear and realistic perspective through each stage of maturity.

Recital Opportunities.  As an integral part of my goal-oriented piano instruction, I urge my students to participate in studio recitals, which are held three times a year.  These regular public performances serve as measurable and invaluable milestones that mark the degrees of growth and advancement along the path of learning.

Special Topics for Individuality and Diversity.  Although I emphasize techniques and skills that are rooted in the classical tradition in order to accomplish a solid foundation, I am mindful of each student’s inclination and strengths.  As students become more proficient in keyboard techniques and the basic musicianship, I introduce “popular” styles, such as jazz/blues, ragtime and rock, to broaden their horizons and explore their interests.  Based on their experiences, students can elect to incorporate more of these popular styles in their studies or remain focused on the classical repertoire.  Lesson curriculum is continually steered with the aim to reveal each student’s true musical identity and own unique musical path that will stay relevant for decades to come.